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Weekly PUG nights starting at 8pm EST on Saturdays.

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PUG - Pick Up Game

TL;DR: Download game, join TeamSpeak around 7:30pm on Saturdays, and wait for the fun to begin!

A pick up game is type of competition that is casually started within a voice chat server like Ventrilo or Teamspeak 3. There are typically no specific times when they start; it's more so a spur of the moment event.

First: A sufficient amount of players are needed. 5 vs 5 is the bare minimum but we like to do 7 vs 7 or even 8 vs 8 at times. It all depends on how many people are online at the time.

Second: Finding 2 people who would be captains. Once 2 players decide to suck it up and become captains, they start to pick teams one by one. The first player pick or map pick is decided by a coin toss by a mutual party. The winner of the toss chooses what map and side he or she would like or what player they choose first.

Third: A server is determined by all the players in the game and everyone parties up on that server.

Fourth: Once everyone is in the game and both teams say that they are ready, the game is started by the host.

The objective is the first to get to 10 flag captures or to have the most captures within the decided timelimit (20-25 minutes). It is unacceptable to leave a PUG early. If there is an emergency for you to leave, then find someone to substitute for you and wait for his/her arrival.

Remember, when playing a PuG, it is essential to play the position that the captain assigns you.

General term: Standoff. A standoff is a time period when both teams have the other team's flag.

  • LO- Offense. Light or Medium is suitable for this position. Go to the enemy base, attack and distract. Listen for "E" or "E-grab" when playing LO. Those terms mean that you need to get to the enemy flag, and either try to get back to your base with it, or throw it away from the enemy base. If you have good cappers, they will call out their incoming time for you. Your main job is to distract the HoF as the capper comes in, and put a hit on the chaser if possible. When your defense loses the allied flag, it is your job to return that flag once it reaches the enemy base. Kill whoever has it, and return it. LO should mainly practice their dueling skills.
  • Capper- Offense. Light is the more popular pick, but Medium is a viable choice. Grab the enemy flag, and return to your base with speed. When playing capper, know your routes, and call out your time. Your time is how far you are away from the enemy base. This is called out in seconds. Call out your time so the LO can start clearing the HoF for you. Cappers should mainly practice their skill with skiing, the two cores, and flag play.
  • LD/Stay D- Defense. Medium or Light is good for this position. Stay at your base, and kill incoming LO. Listen and communicate with your HoF and chaser. The chaser should be making the incoming calls for the HoF, but if you see a capper headed for your flag, or setting up a back-route, call it out so your defense is aware. During standoffs, communicate with your HoF. If he needs to pass, get open and call for the flag. If he doesn't need to pass, kill enemies at your base. Stay D should mainly practice dueling skills and flag-catching at short range.
  • Chaser- Defense/Offense. Most people prefer Light, although Medium can be viable. Kill the enemy flag carrier. When your flag is home, stay at base, and call out incoming cappers for your HoF. This includes how far out they are, and from what side. If the capper grabs your flag, kill him and either hold the flag, or return it to your base. In standoffs, you pretty much turn into LO until your flag is returned or captured. A chaser should mainly practice his skiing, flag returning, and high-speed gunning.
  • HoF- Defense. For this position, heavy armor is a must. Block incoming cappers, and be the main hub for your defense on standoffs. Listen for calls on cappers from your defense. Use the Overdrive Core, and activate it so that you will swipe across or collide with the incoming capper in such a way to block him. On standoffs, you will be passing the enemy flag with your Stay D until your offense returns your flag. A HoF should practice his flag play at short to medium range, and his blocking skills.

Joining TeamSpeak

Download TeamSpeak 3 here.

Once installed, open TeamSpeak and click Connection at the top left, and select Connect.

Within the Server Address field, put In the Nickname field, put whatever name you want to appear as within TeamSpeak 3. Leave the Server Password field empty. It should look something like this:

Press Connect, and if successful you'll see something like the image below. Join the PUG room and have fun!


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