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Demo bookmark updates, core changes, weapon buffs and more!

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5/7 - Live Changes - patcher update required

  • Added the ability to insert demo bookmarks during a demo playback instead of just during gameplay. There are now two binds , Create and Seek.
  • Demo Controls update (the hud you can bring up). You can now set bookmark exit time (the time the speedup will stop before your next bookmark)
  • Bolt range increased to 1000m again
  • Fixed IRC script not starting
  • Boost damage reduced from straight 25 damage to 22% of max health for your class.
  • Dodge cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • You now take 50% weapons damage while you are the dodge orb.
  • You can no longer take crater damage while you're the dodge orb.
  • Shield now absorbs 65% damage bugfree , also now blocks 100% of collision damage. Something was wrong before about its absorb , it should feel more powerful now.
  • EMP grenade radius increased to 28m from 20m.
  • Regen core healing/energy formula changes for sake of Raider and Sent.. Outrider roughly the same as before.

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