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Some progressions are made for Legion demo 3.0 but read the content for more info. Also the first 5 missions for the single player are done, so i will upload some screenshots soon.

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Legion demo 3.0 update note.

some units are removed or modified duo balance issues. and proper name tags are placed for units and structures.

The new menus are working and some of them are uploaded in the image section (main menu, new intro logo etc)

There are also new units, 15 new units for legion and the enforcers.

Reaper hexapod. = this unit doesnt shoot and cant kill units or structures, its purpose is to spawn elite troops on the battlefield where needed. It needs tiberium to do so.

Bahamut spawn. > These litle creatures are spawned together with the bahamut dragon. the spawn can heal, provide more power, speed and it can absorb tiberium to fully regain health.
It is also a secret weapon, if all spawns are alive and the bahamut releases his superattack then a second superattack will be added. and it can litterly wipe out all units and structures that is in his sight of range. However you need to buy those spawns (2000 a spawn max of 5 spawns)

Ethernal queen > This unit can spawn a sphere of masive destruction. it almost has the same effect as the rage generator from the redeemer, but this sphere destroyes any tank in her range and all enemy infantry will be added to your side (mindcontrol)

Drone spider > This is a spider unit with 3 miniguns as main weapon, it has a cyborg body.

Cyber spider > This is the bigger type of the drone spider, this unit has 5 miniguns and it can crush enemy tanks.( exept the avatar,)

Those are just a few of the new units, and they all have a new model with their own attack fx. i will upload some screenshots soon.
I also made more ""experimental"" superweapons. one of them is the Dimention door.
A whirlwave will be spawned inside the enemy base, and it will alsorb health from units and structures. and all the health that is drained will be transformed into money. however this attack doesnt kill any unit or structure.

This attack will wipe out a single structure completly by sending the unit or structure to space.
Then the structure or unit that has been sended to space will be available for your construction.

New music.
All original tiberium wars music is removed and replaced with new modified Tiberian sun music.
also my own remix of Act on instinct is placed in the mod. i will upload the soundtracks soon.

New battleinterface.
It took a while but its finaly done. i created new huds for legion and the enforcers. i also inplanted the rotating building platform (Xbox build system) however its a bit buggy at this time so i have to fix it.

Currently im working on making balances, making the models better, and testing.
and im working on the single player campaign. so here are the missions>

1 = Legion's (cabal) ascention
2 = universe in conflict
3 = Technology of peace
4 = Termination in progress
5 = True enemy.

Next update will be next week


Nice. Cant wait.:)

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