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The development for the legion demo 3.0 is in progress. And its going to be much different then the other demo's so far. so read the content for more info

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Brand new menu's loading screens and more !
- New main menu including a new spining earth and a second spinning planet.
- New loading screens for missions and for skirmish.
- new skirmish movie, showing a battle between earth and the enforcers. (star ocean 3)
- new skirmish screen

New units for Legion and the enforcers !
- mobile obelisk tower.
- the Avatar Hexapod. (including new model)
- Nod Cyborgs
- Nod prisma tower (including new model)

New upgrades for both sides !
- All avatars + avatar related mechs will get all upgrades for $2000.
- Avatar hexapod secudair laser + plasma cannon.
- Cyborg weapon upgrade.
- Shield upgrade for buildings.
- shield upgrade for = Seekertanks, harvesters, mothership.

Model updates for both sides. and menu models
- The Avatar Hexapod.
- Redeemer warmech.
- Exacutionors Bahamut.
- New spinning earth. (main menu)
- Enforcer ioncannon ( Credit goes to ASUKA)

movie updates.
- Skirmish movie. This is a movie showing a battle between earth and the enforcers from Star ocean 3.
i converted the original movie to VP6. (Credit goes to Square Enix and Tri-Ice)

Bug fixes.
- The main STR file got messed up, as a result that the AVATAR is multiple showing. that is fixed now.
- Catapult unit now destroyed, it still cant fire after upgrading.
- name tags for the Legion droppod + shockwave, it now shows the correct name.
- The weird fireball is now removed from the infinity mothership. It leaved a fireball after fireing a rocket.

New for Legion demo 3.0
Legion demo 3.0 will be the last demo that has (legion) in the name. after the release of Legion 3.0 it will be called Enforcer 3.5 because after this demo i will focus everything on the enforcer faction.
but what exactly will be new in legion 3.0 and Enforcer 3.5?

Legion 3.0
The entire Legion faction will be completed including all new models, sounds and weapons.
and all new menus ( see image section) will be in legion 3.0

Enforcer 3.5
The entire Enforcer (infinity) faction will be completed including all new models, sounds, weapons and a demo of the single player campaign.

The single player campaign.
You can only play as legion, meaby later in the development i will make a enforcer(infinity) campaign mode. So far 1 out of 12 missions are completely done.
also i have someone who is making movies for the single player campaign. right now a trailer is in the making. so i will keep it short, the single player campaign will take a long time. so have a litle patience in that. or help me by making maps for the single player mode ! everyone who helps will be in the credits and named in the TotalPCmagazine !

The TOTALPCgames magazine !
in issue number 25/26 for Oktober 26 there will be a article about mods.
so look it up by that time and meaby YOUR mod is in the magazine too !
( the nominees)
- garry's mod half life 2, - Mutants revenge Tiberium wars. - Tiberium sun rising. Renegade X,
- Tiberium wars Birth, - ESF Half life 1, -
the oktober 26 edition is in progress but remember every month a new mod will be selected for the magazine. So check the website or buy it on Oktober 26 ! (in stores in = Amerika, UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France) for all other regions check the website !


Ho, ho ho! I want it!

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want what lol :D

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