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Did Constantine really fall? Or was their more then fate at work?

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If you have read the front page you know that Constantine XI was killed when the Ottomans broke through Constantinople's walls. Or did he? His body was never recovered and there is little proof that he died. The Ottomans, after learning that the Byzantines recorded the last stand, invented a tale that they found Constantine retreating with all the gold he could carry whilst Mameluke shot him dead in the back, this story is almost certainly fake because the Ottomans would have mounted his head on a pike and shown it proudly to their brethren. It could be that the Ottomans could not identify his body because he had left his symbols of office behind when he charged for the last time. But the Byzantines paint a different story. They say that an angel came down from heaven, and transported a wounded Constantine to below the Golden Gate. There, the angel turned him to stone, so he could come again to reclaim his old empire from the usurpers. I know this is probably just a legend to give the Byzantine remnant hope, but, one can dream, one can hope, and one can pray, can't they?

I'm eager to hear your opinions on the subject.


According to the ACR database he left his robes and put on armor and fought among his men, where he presumably perished and his body was never recovered. (I trust the database quite a bit since Ubisoft does decent research:D)

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templarnordbyzantine Author

Yes that does coincide with my info too.

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