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Hello and Welcome to Left 4 Dead Zero, the award winning Medkit modification. March hasn't been an exciting month either, so sorry about this one being about as boring as last month, or even more boring.

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Hello and Welcome to Left 4 Dead Zero, the award winning Medkit modification. March hasn't been an exciting month either, so sorry about this one being about as boring as last month, or even more boring.

Why the Turtle Rock Studios Version of L4D isn't "Beta"

We keep seeing people calling the TRS build of L4D as Beta, and it makes us outraged. Turtle Rock's L4D was basically complete when it was scrapped, and what wasn't complete was mostly code stuff (which some is still unfinished in-game), What was demoed off at Quakecon and various other events is what we like to call a release candidate. It's unfinished, but it's basically the product that will ship, meaning most of the things shown off weren't slated to be cut, only things that would differ from release would be bug fixes and some balance to gameplay, so if play testers thought something was way too overpowered they would nerf it to make it fair (Not including Valve play testers). The TRS Beta is late 2005 to early 2007, and the Valve beta of L4D was May-June of 2008 up until release.[H1]There is basically no real prerelease files out on the net currently[/H1]Surprise, I bet you didn't think we needed to go ahead and explain this, but we do have to. I see countless people claiming tons of remakes to be real, and it's horrible! Nothing on the net is fully real currently, and if it's remotely real, it suffered some major edits. If it's release by us, you can guarantee a real and restored product, unless it's released not as a team, like solo work that basically doesn't say it's linked to Zero.


I don't think there has been really any really bragable updates for the Survivors. We got them working on online for both L4D1 and L4D2, so I guess that's notable.

View Models

Really there isn't much to say, there's some animations we didn't get to show off to the public last month since they were uploaded directly after we posted the monthly update. Obviously before that whole Medkit controversy we got the medkit running in-game (obviously, we don't have all animations, since the Private pack only included Idle, melee, and running, Looking anims were restored by jumping through some hoops, and most animations on Lt. Rocky's medkit were remakes.) We're also readding the flashlights to the weapons, we aren't quite sure on how we're going to do it quite yet, since from what we've gathered they weren't finished and the flashlight locations were just placeholders until they finished the attachments to the weapons.

Here's some videos:

Here's a photo:

The Rediscovery of Horizontal Anims

In the beginning of the month Chris was going through files, he discovered the Horizontal Anims in the looking animation files, I knew about this, but what I didn't know is that the code still existed in the V_Weapon .QCs, but ignored, which Chris saw and pointed out. Obviously, you guys should be able to guess what's coming next, they don't work in-game correctly. Horizontal Anims were apart of a newer weapon sway system Turtle Rock or Valve were working on (most likely TRS), and since weapons sway as a whole was broken/removed in L4D, all the Horizontal Anims do now is stutter.


We now have a Twitter, so those who view our profiles religiously can hopefully stop, and you know who you guys are, and we do not appreciate it.

Here's the link:

Status of the L4D2 Ports

You guys spoke out, and you want to see these still happen, so the show must go on! To those wondering about if this would make Zero's development quicker if removed, it won't, as these ports to L4D and L4D2 were planned (for the most part) to be released a few days after the official standalone release of L4D Zero.

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