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It's been a long month for us and for you guys, So I've decided to do monthly updates for our progress, and such.

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It's been a long month for us and for you guys, So I've decided to do monthly updates for our progress, and such.


Whoa there, calm down, I said we'll release them once they were finished, don't get all hostile. We haven't gotten all of the files we need to release, we're still missing files, we also have things to fix up on the models still, they're much closer to release than before Greenlight, but still they're not ready for release.

Here's some photos:

View Weapons

One thing we received from after Greenlight, were the source files for V_Arms, V_Legs, and V_Weapons. They're weren't from Greenlight, since Valve does not want to give us files. But we're are working with what we can get, so right now we're working on V_Weapons and the Survivors. We currently have various animations restored.

Here's a video:

Common Infected

We actually haven't done much work on the Common Infected, we did fix the Military Head though, so he isn't a garbled mess.

Here's a photo:

What files did you get out of Greenlight?

Drum-role PLEASE! *insert drum-role here*, NOTHING! That's right, we got nothing from Valve out of Greenlight. Yes, yes, I know, very sad, but Splinks proposed an offer, which we aren't going to disclose, which may get us access to files, hopefully.

Left Behind

Well, we wish not to disclose info of Left Behind as of now, since it's very early in development, and spoiling any surprises of the game-mode would probably ruin any hype for it. All I can say is that we have a new campaign in the works.

Status of the L4D2 Ports

They aren't even started quite yet, not much people on the team want to port them over to L4D2, but I do, but I'm starting to not want to port anything over. Obviously, the Survivors will be the first to port over, and everything else can be postponed until we want to release them. Most content will be released after L4D Zero releases on the Steam Store, besides the Survivors. As of right now, we will still give the Survivors to the L4D2 community, but it's likely we might cut our support for them, or at least the rest of the files. Granted, we never planned on fully releasing all of the files to L4D and L4D2, to keep files to be exclusive to Zero (So people had a reason to play Zero) and because not all files can be reused on L4D and a lot more files can't be reused on L4D2, due to coding differences. Plus, our releases for L4D2 will be in an AS-IS state, meaning, any really minor bug will not be patched, if there's a game breaking bug, we will patch, since that will make the game unplayable.

Pages you should follow

Our YouTube (We plan to upload update videos aswell, such as V_Model videos and more)
Facebook (I post exclusive photos on there here and there)
Our Steam Page URL to the Announcement on the Steam Page

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