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Just got the L4D2 demo, great news :) The models still work!

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I just go the L4D2 demo. Awesome game, btw. Anyway, the new models and what not work. So you don't have to worry about L4D2 support. Granted, they need to be modified to fit the new skeletons I can still import them nonetheless.

Just thought I would let you guys know, in case you were wondering.

Seems like I'm going to have to release two separate packages now. I'm not going to leave any owner out to dry. But, I am not releasing a L4D2 beta. Only L4D. Sorry.

Depending on you guys, I may make a new batch of models, though that is unlikely. The 4 models I have done so far (Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Zoey Combat Ready) will work fine in the new game.

UPDATE: You will be able to import your things from L4D1 into L4D2, so long as you own both games. I don't know if these actually means anything for the mod, just thought I'd let you guys know.


Zoey and Zoey? :P

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Why have Louis when you can have 2 Zoey's? :3

Unfortunately rule 34 will strike.
Mmmm. Zoey on Zoey action.

*Needs a life*

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Arctic0ne Author

o.O Uhm, not what I meant. Lol. I have two different Zoeys you can choose from, because some people don't like the "Sexy" version. So I made a combat ready one. I just don't have Louis done yet.

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