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I will be taking a leave of absence for three weeks

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Hello, all.
First, the good news. I have managed to get the two new factions to work (somewhat) in a custom Galactic conquest. I have secured code for at least 20 new units, and have got several more in queue. Also, music events for the new faction have been made, borrowing from JKII, KOTOR, TFU, and the movies. We have begun to record voice actors for the vast numbers of new units, but we could always use more help if anyone's interested. I have also been working on an OFFICIAL mod wiki; its pretty bare-bones for now, though.
however, I will be gone to camp for three weeks, and thus will not be able to do much in the way of modding while Im earning merit badges and leading people :).
Thank you for your support, I will have a .9 release around early August ( I hope).
DarthNerd out.

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