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Changelog for the latest version of our unofficial patch for Mass Effect 1 LE.

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We've released the next version of our Community Patch mod for Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition! Here are the new bugs fixed with this version.


  • Add Italian localization to the mod, huge thanks for Krozt for the translation
  • Fixed an incorrectly named file that caused the 'Kaidan incorrectly thinks the player is a Biotic' fix to not be applied properly
  • Many additional subtitles changed to match the voice over lines and have correct spelling


  • Improved lighting in the Citadel introduction cutscene (with Ashley and Shepard looking out the windows of the Normandy)
  • The customers in Flux will no longer talk about Fist after he's been dealt with (#94)
  • Kaidan will no longer say that Ashley should meet Samesh if Citadel: Homecoming is done after Virmire (#93)


  • Hana Murakami will face the player and be properly placed in her conversation, and will return to her idle animation afterwards (#91)
  • Added a missing fire visual on the western ExoGeni Approach Skyway, where there was audio and damage for a fire (#69)
  • Kaidan will now say the proper line when approaching the drop in the ExoGeni headquarters, instead of repeating a previous line (#92)
  • Fixed a missing gunshot tracer in cutscene when meeting Lizbeth Baynham (#68)
  • Squadmates will now only comment on the strange behavior of the Zhu's Hope colonists if it had actually been experienced (#90)


  • Maeko Matsuo will no longer walk directly into a wall at the end of her conversation after Anoleis's arrest (#76)
  • You are no longer allowed to save your game while on the Mira Core elevator, which would cause you to fall through the map upon loading the save (#95)
  • The dead Quarantine Labs ECRS guard can no longer be considered a hostile enemy in certain situations (#86)


  • Fixed missing and repeating ambient lines when approaching the second gatehouse (#89)
  • The cell door holding the mindless Salarians now opens at the right time in the cutscene if you choose to execute them (#70)

Bring Down the Sky:

  • Fix subtitle appearing for the "Another hour and the asteroid's course..." line even if subtitles are off (#84)


  • If the player completes the Ilos Trench Run on foot, the Mako will spawn behind them when they reach the Conduit countdown to prevent a softlock (#78)
  • Remove slight pause at the end of the spinning Relay Monument animation so it loops properly (#73)
  • The Citadel Defense Turrets can no longer be destroyed by the player when fighting the Geth Ship, preventing a potential softlock (#81)
  • Fix inconsistent lighting in the Normandy's cockpit during the Battle of the Citadel (#75)

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