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Blah-blah-blah... Oh, yeah... Blah-blah-blah... Very-very interesting... Applause. Thanks. Closing curtain.

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OK, It's about a month passed from last update and I know that we must report about something new that we added to remake. To be truth, I've planned to do this for two last weeks, but I'm too lazy to do this. Enough of this blah-blah, you, lazy downer! Just post news and GTFO. OK.. OK... Here is some screens with zombies ...

Just a zombie ...

Zombie 01

The same zombie, with a some zombiechick on a background.

Zombie 02

A zombie in a flashlight... Feeling like a Paris Hilton, but a little embarrassed.

Zombie 03


Think Twice

Oh, shiiii... It's just a zombie's face UV-map.

So, that's all for now ... There is always 2 things you should newer do:

1) Never track this mod.

2) Never donate us 1$ for development.

Farewell then. XOXO.



Altho I love They Hunger and want a remake, you guys have no right asking for money in this development. Even if it is just for your effort. Sorry, Im not tracking you anymore or clicking open your updates.

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SweetJuleka Online

That's a very disrespectful comment, all they were asking for is donations to help/support the development of this mod, it's not like they are going to charge you money for the final product...

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romadoma Author

Yeah, you're absolutely correct. Thanks.

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romadoma Author

Hmm.. '1) Never track this mod' works better than expected :) But I don't think that this will prevent you from playing it after release.

This money is not only for our efforts (but for them too! It's not really easy to work for 14-16 hours per day constantly:) There is always things that must be purchased or made by 3-rd party people for money. For example, we currently wait for three complex 3d models of cars and train that must be done by our 3D-modeller-beginner. There is about 25$ is enough to buy this models on web-stocks and give him an other job. This is a simple example of how you can speed-up process for few month, by giving only 1$. Also, there is a many low-poly models in our remake, because I'd must to make them by myself in SketchUP (which is not very suitable), instead of buy better ready ones on web-stocks. The same is for sounds or hi-res textures: the internet has full of this things, but quality ones are costs money or must be made by ourselves.

Personally, I see nothing wrong in any kind of donations to projects, because it's a cheaper and faster way to get what YOU want. Donations - is the future of internet and community, because it gives you an ability to get everything for nothing. You do not understand the real power of donations: they can simplify your daily tasks and change the countries cordons as well. If 'Black Widow Games' asked for 1$ for their work in 2008, who knows who knows where we would be now ...

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You're such a sweet lil boi <3

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ignore these dipshits talking nonsense,the mod is look great as expected keep up the good work dude.

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