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Quick blog post about our Alpha update for PROJECT Hypetrain, a randomly generated platformer/shooter.

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After a rigorous Fall Quarter for just about all of us, Ursa Major Games is proud to announce its latest release of Project HYPETRAIN, the Alpha Update!

Now your first question might be, why didn’t they just call it the Beta? Trust me, we would if we could. However, a beta build implies that most all content is in the game, ready to be playtested and critiqued one last time before release. Instead, this build lays down all the game’s core features. While they may not be in their prettiest form quite yet, they exist and function (mostly) as intended. As a result, most of our work will be content-related rather than system-related from here on out.

With that being said, I invite you to check out the what’s new in the Alpha Update. For starters, we’ve added a few cars to help guide the player through the game’s controls, along with a sweet shop car where you can spend that hard-earned loot! (Kind of an oxymoron, I know.) On top of that, we’ve revisited the art in a few places, added pretty particles effects, and even implemented a whole new HYPE system (Patent Pending). As you kill enemies, your HYPE gauge fills up. Once full, unleash the HYPE with an off-the-wall firing method and reign terror down on those sheriffs and bellhops!

On behalf of the team, I’d like to thank all of those who have supported us, and we hope you get a chance to enjoy and check out what’s new and improved in this build. While we may be releasing it a few days later than projected, I think you’ll find that we...

“spared no expense”.

-Hayden Platt

PS: Clear 10 cars without dying and you just might get the reference!

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