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New levels, game modes, musics and scenery for the hardcore game about dodging death, Lavapooooooooools !

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Lavapools is around 10 months of work. It’s a lot of work. We took holidays to rest. We made rush to finish versions. We had up and downs. But it’s worth it.

It’s been a lot of work and the game evolved. I made some image to show you how it evolved, look at it.

We are publishing today the Alpha 07, here’s the patch note from alpha 05 to 07 (06 was a quiet release for an event).

  • New levels and game modes
    • Augustine the maze puzzler
    • Fuji the vertical scroller hell.
  • We totally reworked the scenery. It was reallt awful, now it’s awesome.
  • New musics
  • The core gameplay has been refined in tiny and precise, yet important details.
  • New interactive level selection
  • New interface feedbacks like score or time.
  • New trailer (above)
  • A new website

and many things we forgot for sure.
We'll still be publishing the game on Nov 24.

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