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King's conflict is available to alpha-test, and the forum is live!

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After quietly developing this for a good few months, it's time to show King's Conflict to the world, and see what it thinks!

King's Conflict is Windows only, but will eventually be multi-platform - an Android version is already fully functional. More on this later.

At the moment, the game primarily needs alpha-testers to help me work on getting the game-balance right. Please contact me (by email - see website) to request an alpha-account. It's free, and fun. All I ask is that you are prepared to give constructive feedback, and to put up with the inevitable bugs. That said the game as it stands is stable and playable. Until we get a decent number of testers you may struggle to find someone to play against, but the more people sign up the less of a problem that will be!

Secondly... I've set up a discussion forum.

Feel free to register and discuss - it's mainly intended for alpha testers, but anyone is welcome.

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