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We're still gearing everything up and making sure it's all perfect for the launch, so until then keep patient and why not give the Beta a go?

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Although we've hit the release date we're not quite ready to launch. We're not far enough away to justify pushing back the release date, but not quite close enough to give a definite time. It WILL be up within the next 48 hours though, so keep your pants on and hold out just a little longer. We're just as excited for this as you potentially are ;)

In the meantime, have a small amount of what I guess is Press Coverage. As a student team of two in high school, we're quite a big part of the arts community there. This year, we released a school film entitled Dead Famine, a zombie movie based around a similar concept as Sunset Overdrive, only with school kids instead of 80's inspired heroes. As part of a favour with the director of the screening, we were able to have an exclusive-ish trailer of Jaden Inc. shown right before the premier! This is the trailer we showed, again featuring music by none other than The Spin Wires!

Although you may recognise much of the footage from this trailer, there are some shots that were either unused in older trailers as well as some of a brand new map to be unveiled in the final release later today so it's worth checking out for that even!

Thanks for being patient with us and we'll be working to push this out as soon as possible!
Best Regards,
Dakota Wood,
Abominable Studios

EDIT: We're currently uploading the final release to Mediafire. The game will be released shortly :)

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