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Latest Game updates Released: April 23rd, 2010 ...

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- Updated scout layouts to use light (Interceptor class) missiles.
- Ships rescaled - Destroyers (ICC only)
- Star field now has Doppler effect when jumping.
- Fixed a particle rotation issue.
- HOTFIX: Added in-game support for all platinum badges.
- HOTFIX: Removed unsupported badges from website, this affects Kamikaze, Marksman, and Scout badges.
- HOTFIX: Added new Turn the tide event map & ships.
- HOTFIX: Fixed star field issues.
- HOTFIX: Damage to enemy ships on destruction awards 1 kamikaze point per ship damaged.
- SUPER-HOTFIX: Fixed infamous ARC bug where missiles hitting on the front of a ship would damage the rear. "This fix deserves its own version - Shigernafy

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