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Latest work and progress on game. Hopefully release date will be end of next month.

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here is the recent work i have done.


  • Changed the way Sarah flashes when she has been hit, had an issue when she was invisible for too long in certain situations, this has been fixed.
  • Changed the length of time and frequency Sarah flashes for after being hit, as the length of time was not constant before.
  • Sarah was hovering slightly above platforms when walking, adjusted her positioning so she now stands on platform correctly.
  • Added a different sound when you collect a jewel.
  • All sounds added to level complete screen.


  • Got a basic version of the online high score table working, just need to create some graphics to display the table in the game.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when new levels were being loaded in pc version.
  • Fixed: When played casual mode , then arcade mode next game the select screen menu would appear when it should not.
  • When played casual mode the arcade mode next game it would always start at level 2, this has now been fixed, starting at level 1 now.
  • Fixed: When playing arcade mode level select screen would be updated when it should only be updated in casual mode.

Known issues:

  • Sarah seems to float about for a while when you reach the end of a level.
  • Game still crashing sometimes when loading new level in pc version, not as much as before though.
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