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There are many new things to discover in "Timehole Travellers". Lot's of progress has been made during the last month.. In this article we will be discussing all the new features and improvements. Further there is a new gameplay video!

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Last time i posted anything here, it was either possible to play the game alone or with a friend. Now the second player is permanent, which means if you are playing alone, the other character will be controlled by a new AI. It can follow/attack/heal/cast spells/etc. just like any other player. This new feature also helps me balancing the game a lot!

Talking about AIs: Even the "evil foes" are much tougher now. They will attack you in groups whenever possible. Further they have an improved "targeting" mechanism, can be in "rage" after they have been attacked, and much more.


I'm glad I can announce two major changes. First of all I have implemented a new CLASS CHANGE system. At a certain point in the game players can now complete optional areas and change their class after beating the stage. It is possible to transform your character into a fighter, mage or ranger. Each class has it's own benefits and will make the characters look different.

Second: You can have PETS now! :) They will follow you through all the battle stages and increase either your spell recovery, will heal you or make you run faster, depending on the pet you choose.

There are also some new elementary based weapons now which you can obtain later in the game. And I've also added light sabers.. ;)


I've added moving CLOUD SHADOWS to some levels, improved the sun, added a REFLECTION, made some of the SHADOWS look more realistic and some more.


I was able to improve the code a lot, so the game now runs smoothly on most low-end systems - like my 7 years old laptop (1,3 GHZ / 512 MB RAM / 128 MB ATI somewhat graphics).

The story is almost done, however i still need to translate it, since the game will be multilingual (ger/eng)

Last but not least.... Of course there are many, many new areas: A beach, the desert, three optional levels, a pyramid, .....

What's next?

I'm currently balancing the game, which takes some time. There are also some bugs that need to be fixed (but the list is getting smaller), and as I mentioned above I still have to translate the whole thing and add some more levels.

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