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This is the latest progress in zombie zanity I'm wanting to have a fun story line and try to make the game the best it can be with a fun single player as well as a awesome multi-player, all help with ideas and testing is well appreciated all testers will receive the game for free. If your wanting to take part in beta testing message me with the reason why you want to beta test and report a few bugs that youv noticed within the demo and I'll see what I can do. Have fun and enjoy zombie zanity!!!!

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Progress so far

Single player (Survival type mode) - 73%

Multi-Player(Kill zombies with other players) - 20%

Register System - 60% (Hopeing to link it to a site soon and make it to where you can only register it with your account once, so far its just a Registration Key)

Menus & Dialog - 70%

Story - 30% (Need ideas)

Thank you MaestroGamer, for your help with the story line, and some ideas for a few missions.

So far I'm looking for testers and someone to make sound effects for free.

Sorry for it all being in 2D but about 5 hours into coding the game i realized I messed up and I'd have to go back and recode the whole thing to make it 3D but I'll add a bunch of nice effects and IF I get enough followers, views, and downloads I'll go back and add 3D buildings and cars and all that great stuff for a over head shooter.

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