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Just a brief outline of how we're doing in the mod, many races are now in as well as with functioning economies and patrols travelling their space. We're also performing balancing of the ships.

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The mod is progressing well. We now have functioning economies for the EA, Narn, Centauri, Minbari, Brakiri, Vree and loosely the Drazi. We also have the full ship list in for the Shadows and Vorlons as well as a reasonable compliment of Drakh ships - so we're doing well at present.

The systems are starting to look more and more cosmetically good, although we're always on the look out for good 3DMAX textures or scene artists. Contact me if you think you can help.

The game itself is feeling increasingly polished now. If you enter the Sol sector for example, you will find various ships and a few stations, although the stations are much reduced from the original X3 to keep in with the Babylon 5 universe. We have military patrols for most races including, EA, Narn, Minbari, Vree, Centauri, Brakiri, Drazi, Vorlon and a few others are in development like the Abbai and Golians. Don't cross the Vorlon and don't enter their space - they don't like it ;o)

Space also has a good feel with the sectors that are further off standard trading routes being longer to travel within hyperspace and with fewer, or no, hyperspace beacons - so plenty of opportunity to get lost of find something to get the IPX excited :o)

Anyway, we're doing well and progressingly nicely.


News at last on ModDB, thank you Spuddy!

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