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Overview of what's going on with the mod at present time.

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Hey guys, Derxwna here. Mostly good news this time folks! There is some unfortunate news, but alas, not all news can be good news. Also a bit of an important notification. This'll probably be a considerably smaller update this time around, but I want to inform people of what's currently going on in the mod's development.

Lets start off with the good news. My External Hard Drive, while still broken, has managed to get the important files off of it. This means War of the Rice is safely within my hands again. To make up for lost time, I put in a large series of work into the mod today. Not everyone got some serious changes, but we're working on it. Let's go into the usual spiel, shall we?

  • Hakurei Liberation Army: The Guard Tower has been turned into dedicated Anti-Air defense, because the three of us felt that having it be an Anti-All defense felt awkward. Not to mention, it now has the Defense Shelter to pick up the slack for Anti-Ground.
  • Ancient Devil's Coalition: Because of Satori, this was an obvious addition - a Psychic Sensor-like building was added to Chireiden only as a buildable sensor. Called the Third Eye Sensor, it will detect is any enemies are heading for a structure and you can plan accordingly.
  • Lunar Defense Corps: The Orion was nerfed. After considerable comparison and testing in comparison with the other basic units, we upped the price a bit and lowered its speed and modified its weapon to balance it out.
  • Youkai Mountain Battalion: The Kappa Pillbox was adjusted. While it lost the ability to detect spies, its range was increased by 1 to prevent being out-ranged by basic infantry. The ADC Gun Turret was moved to the YMB lineup of defenses.
  • Civilian and Mercenaries: The groundwork has been laid out for the start of the Saigyou Ayakashi, which will only show up on the Netherworld Maps. Depending on the Game Mode, the Saigyou Ayakashi will either be in No Bloom, which does nothing, or Full Bloom, which is a capturable defensive structure that sprays "radiation" around it; This simulates how the tree draws in enemies to its death, en masse.

In other news, Ares is now in 0.4 Release Candidate 1! This doesn't really mean much to you on its own, but 0.4 comes with the critically acclaimed update known as AttachEffect. With AttachEffect we can work on adding in some new weapon logic. Primary example will be Eirin, who will have a passive Healing Aura around her (Which uses AttachEffect) and heals units within the radius of it. The example of this is how War Factories healed tanks within its radius in RA3/C&C3.

Some minor bad news, the school year has started again. That doesn't mean much for Mugendai or I, but Ichor is still in college, and as such won't be overly active on the Mod as much as before. He WILL still be an active modder on the project, though.

In some other setback news, between September 25th and October 1st, Mugendai and I will be away at a convention being hosted out of state. As such, we won't be able to work on the mod as much. We WILL have our laptops, which SHOULD have access to the mod. So we may work on the mod in our down time, but it's extremely unlikely.

That's all for this news update folks! There are a few other things I've changed today alone that I haven't listed here, but you'll find out about them when the next version of the mod is released. It'll happen eventually - whether we give up or actually finish, a new version with these changes will be released. But for now, I'm off! We may not have a new news post for a while, but when we do, you'll see it here first. Till next time folks!

- DerxwnaKapsyla

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