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Whats happened in Q3, and what I'm planning for Q4.

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Time for the next quarterly update.

Sadly, not a lot happened. We got hit with a massive project at work (that is still isn't finished 4+ months later), and trying to get the various bits and pieces done for it, in addition to everything else, has left me feeling, quite frankly, not wanting to do a lot. I haven't had the motivation to seriously sit down and do more than 30 minutes worth of modding. Even playing my other games has come under this category more than once.

Fortunately, 30 minutes at a time every now and then does allow some work to be done, so I have done a few things, but nothing really worth noting down here.

I can't say when the pressure at work will ease up, current estimates are early October, but then again, estimates had this massive project finished by end of July, so I'm not holding out much luck on that.

At this rate, my goals of getting something solid and near complete out by Christmas is looking very unlikely. To top it off, my motivation has been running lower and lower, Stalker no longer holds the charm and appeal it did 3-4 years ago.

Because of this, I will no longer be releasing TZC as a Total Conversion mod now. Instead, I will strip it apart, and turn it into a series of small (and large) mod and resource packs, which I will upload as I complete them. I will try and ensure compatibility with each pack, and where possible, provide documentation and merge instructions.

Given everything that has happened since my last report here (or that lack of), I feel that this is the best approach. Its not a decision that I've taken lightly, and it has taken some serious thought to reach this. Hopefully, someone else with the time, motivation and commitment might pick up all of my pieces, and assemble the dream I had with this, as I no longer really posses those 3 attributes to do this myself.

Anyhow, here's hoping for the opportunity to assemble some of the first mod packs, and get them out by Christmas.


Wouldn't have expected this, but I think I am OK with that. You're doing a very good job here, so why not? :D Looking forward to the first pack, resources are always good :D

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I feel with you:

Modding Stalker takes a huge amount of time if you aren`t looking for ltx tweaking but creating content. Best take a break to stay sane :D

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