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This are the percentages on how much of the game and its modes are done, if you have any questions please leave a comment with the question. thank you!

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ok here are the percentages of what I'v gotten done so far a new update should be released June 02, 2011

Bots - 66%
Weapons - 60%
Campaign - 78%
Zomo Tron - 40%
House of Horrors - 60%
Gore Fest - 67%
Optimized - 50%
Menus - 90%
Saving bugs - 30%
Other bugs - 30%

If there are any bugs please report them, if you have any suggestions please comment, the Percentages may go up or down because sometimes I will mess something up and have to go back and recode it, stay tuned for the up coming update!

As far as Revision 105 (because r104 was mainly bug fixes) comes here are the new updates.
- Recolored/designed menus .
- Zombo Tron is bigger, better, and left with very few bugs now.
- New hazmat member (Chain saw hazmat for zombo tron mode).
- More optimized for slower computers like my own.
- Uses less resources.
- Bug fixes

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