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Latest news on the progress of the game. All the up to date news for Blue Horizon!

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The game has gone under the first round of beta testing and had bugs fixed.
The last level is well under construction - the outside is done.. now just the inside!
New weapon types have been added, more destructible items, and more interesting ways for them to be destroyed. (We all like it when stuff blows up!)
More story has been packed in to make the overall goal of completing the game a lengthy (but not too lengthy) enjoyable time.
Save points are available on each Island. (They may or may not be active depending on what you are getting up to!). Some things will respawn, some will not (generally depending on the story line state).
The UI is pretty much done, just need to finish up some icons. The NPCs are all pretty much done and their dialogs. Final total of unique NPCs with their own dialogs and parts to play will be about 50.
Don't worry you wont have to remember what each NPC said - there is the new Log book which will record all conversations and you can look at it anytime in the inventory.
You can kill nearly all land animals now (and some sea) too - if you like.. and for those animal lovers out there, you can just watch them having fun in the tropical sun!
Steam integration is complete and there are about 25 achievements to collect!

Any questions or comments let me know!
I have been adding screenshots on facebook and twitter so please check them out.
The company is set up now so will be negotiating the Steamworks publishing process very soon.

Yo ho me hearties!


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