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We're nearing the end of the fifth week and we're very close to having a playable game - our progress is off the charts at the moment, and we're really happy with how the game is shaping up! Have a look below for a list of what we have so far, and be sure to check us out on the Facebook, Twitter, website, and if you want to support us, check out our Kickstarter - simply search Unbreakable: Scorched Earth!

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So we've been incredibly busy in the past week, and haven't had much time to post an update! However, we will definitely keep this page as updated as possible for the next few months.

Unbreakable is close to hitting the playtesting phase of the game - we have a number of updates that I'll post below for you all, and pictures will follow as soon as our first character Felicia is in the engine properly!

Here's a list of what we have so far:

- Our hub town, Aria, is filling up with models quickly - we have a few houses in the town itself, as well as a shop, blacksmith, barracks and docks. We've also created a beacon of sorts, with a rather impressive fire effect atop it! At the moment we're testing a lot of the battlefield mechanics in Aria, but we'll move them over to the proper battleground - Ellental's Fortress - soon. We even have some foliage inside the town too!

- Ellental's Fortress, our first stronghold, is close to being finished too. The walls have been created and built, along with a gatehouse and archways and a shop in the centre too. We're close to adding both the barracks and an armory, and even closer to adding the Runestone Nexus room, which will hold the crystal you'll be protecting in the game. On top of that, we just have to add a couple of meshes for optional objectives and then we're good to go!

- Almost all of the script we need is completed, and a few mechanics have already been implemented and are working; the mages abilities (heal, hardlight shield), placeable turrets that fire upon enemies in a vicinity, wave spawning etc. As models appear we are able to connect them to the relevant script, so by the end of the month we should have a playable demo to test out! We also have LAN capabilities working fluidly, but we are waiting until the remainder of the script is done before we begin replication data.

There are a few other aspects of the game that we could stick here, like the particle effects, but we have to keep something back! Suffice to say, we'll be posting up progress videos a lot more frequently soon, once the game is close to completion (at least for this first part!). If you have any questions, or a thirst for knowledge, feel free to check out the Facebook page (Labyrinth Interactive), the Twitter (@Labyrinth_Int) and the website ( Updates will be up three times a week, so stay tuned!


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