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So the mod's first big release went off rather smoothly a few weeks back.

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So the mod's first big release went off rather smoothly a few weeks back. It's cool to see a lot of people digging it online. However, there has been a very small handful of those with issues such as crashing and bad performance. The number one reason for this is people refusing to read the installation instructions. You MUST launch the game at least once before installing any mods, otherwise the game will have a fit. The second most common reason is certain operating systems (namely Vista and Windows 7) are missing the correct dll files allowing Direct X 9 and ENBSeries to work properly. You can download those here and put them into your Windows System folder. I included them with the Redux mod itself but wasn't specific enough about where they go. Or you can cover everything by downloading the DirectX End-User Runtimes. If all else fails delete the enbseries files after installing the mod.

Since that's out of the way, onto the real news. Last week I added four "mini mods" or addons currently available for download. You have the Unmasked Predator, Alien 3 style "Dog Alien", Predator Shuriken, and the Marine Pistols. All except the new pistols contain the original character and weapon models and are considered totally optional, so you can add and remove them without much trouble. The pistols are a tiny preview of what will be standard in future releases of the Redux mod. Once again, I highly recommend installing the High-Res Map Pack and Redux Mod before trying the latest addons.

In the future expect new multiplayer, skirmish, and singleplayer maps to roll out. I'm still updating and redoing old models. Check the screenshots to see where things are going.

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