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Some news about the Mod with details about features.

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Today, I post a news about the Mod, because I not have made big advance in mapping, but have modified many scripts, sounds and others ressources. The core of the Mod is almost done; skill looking good, sounds are working and have completed menu and intro of the mod.

Now we use a remasterised sounds in HD from the original game. You can found the Knife, Pistol and Machine gun sounds. I not forget to also replace sound for pickup items, and others. We have also modified the HUD with new fonts, colors and icons (you can see in videos the result).

In the original game, you need to found 'tresor' items, in Source engine, the score system is not made for that (and can't use score data for display it to player), but Half-Life 2 have 'battery' for recharge the 'HEV suit' (need to display health and weapons ammo), I have replaced the battery item by a goldbar, now find and take 'tresor' get you shield. (like some old games)

I continue to search about a Luger or a Mauser C96 pistol for replacement of the CZ52, I have found one or two model, but one not have hands and compatibility with NPC, and the other was made for left hand. I'm not a modeler and not clearly understand the 'Bones' settings. i prefer keep CZ52 for the moment, and find another solution in the future, anyway, is just a model to replace, and not need to recompiling maps for that.

I have worked also on translation. I have little problem to handle the credits translation, but is not a big feature and looking for some documentation about that. But Source engine require to made game in English first, and after translate to another (in my case, I want also support French).

The map 1-1 was done, I need to run few tests with players, the 1-2 need more objects and add few guards. The 1-3 structure was made this last week-end, I have begin to working on textures and secrets doors. Entrance and exit of map was also available.

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