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Last thing before I disappear: right now I have to deal with all of my stuff including the diploma and the exams, which means I'll be less active.

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Because we don't have a lot of news, not gonna write a big article. I will remind however, that the addon called "The Last Bullet: Leopold Story", is not gonna release in demo form. In the near future I will work on the regular The Last Bullet, and only after that, ya get the Leopold.

The first thing that we see, is a demonstration of a new plasma powered weapon. Notice the firerate, that turns everything it touches into a pile of meat.

The second video is a demonstration of the X-Lab's new wing, and their cafe, where you can find nazis having a peaceful meal. While they are having the time of their life, Victor sneaks past them, to ruin their lives.

1.These are the screenshots of an X-Lab/British Base.

20220508145953 1

20220508150002 1

20220508150008 1

20220508150027 1

20220510194330 1

20220510194323 1

2.Updated interior of the bar

20220510194054 1

20220510194155 1

3.Also, should mention that I finally made new models for regular patrol nazis, and a new morbidly obese security guard.

nazz officer 01

new def nazz02

new def nazz

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