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A news post on what we've been doing since our last news post (which was a very long time go!). And it's a lot indeed!

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Hello Dustbowlers, it's been a really long time since I posted a news item here in IndieDB. It hasn't been due to inactivity but because we've been so busy working on the game that we just haven't had the time to really sit down and collect everything to put in a news post.
So what has been going on exactly? Well a lot.

I've been working on hard on getting everything in for the main quest line (so we can actually complete the game). That's all the large unique areas, NPCs and their animations, items and of course...dialogue.

In total the NPC dialogue for the main quest line is over 40 pages (or so Google Docs tells me) and that's pretty whopping. As only one of us can work in the actual project at once I set out writing the dialogue in such a way that it can just be copied and pasted in. So that is a massive load off our shoulders now - and I know how the game ends!! That's good news for everyone.

I kept promising our dialogue system was going to change and it has dramatically (I think I mentioned it in another post but here I go again). We have animated character sprites, unique portraits for every NPC in the game and it just looks so much cooler, with your chat options positioned in a nice place and not covering the centre of the screen.

Shops are also a new feature, with a Medical, Weaponry and general supply stores where you can vender off junk items and keep stocked up.

We're hoping to get the game into a testing phase in March and a big push from us both in getting in the last side quests and random houses to loot. But there is still a lot to do, more random events, enemies and items.
Again, I'd like to plug our twitter page that we update regularly with art, our rather neglected facebook page...and of course our Greenlight page, your support here really does make a difference:
Our Twitter home!
Our Facebook home!
Our Greenlight page!

Now for some art screenshots!?

So if you enjoy what you see then please head over and give us a follow or say hello on facebook and Twitter and we always welcome a positive greenlight vote :)

Stay tuned for more details and a Hamma Bead give-away!


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