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I’ve ported Ion Galactic: The Conflict over to Unity and posted a new alpha for folks to try.

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I’ve ported Ion Galactic: The Conflict over to Unity and expanded the feature set quite a bit since my last post. I’d love some feedback. You can play the current alpha version of the game here:

Right now I have all the game play features in, except random nebula. I have a really good AI, and the makings of a tutorial campaign. Currently I have 30 challenge maps you can play against the AI or a friend in hot seat multiplayer. I did a once over on the instructions too. Still a number of rough edges.

Left to do:

  • Sound
  • Dumb down the AI for easy modes
  • Alter the AI to take mines into account
  • Finish the tutorial campaign
  • Add more challenge maps
  • Decide if I want to offer a story mode campaign before launch
  • Go over the instructions again and clean them up
  • Perhaps gets some help with the UI and other graphic elements
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