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I sent out a test build to my alpha testers yesterday and I'm currently fixing up some things. Coolette and Ciao Ciao have their functionality entirely intact, including animations - as things move along I will add more unique animations to all of them to flesh things out. More voice actors obtained. Moving right along. May release videos first instead of GP demo - we will see!

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Hey, sorry for the late update, first of all!

Secondly, I sent out an alpha build to my playtesters yesterday! Got mixed results - will be including higher levels of customization next round. I'm on a beefy computer these days so I need to be sure that it's not super resource intensive.

I managed to get a few more voice actors. Coolette and Ciao Ciao are entirely programmed, animations included. I will add more as time goes on, but they have enough to get things started. I'm polishing up a few cosmetic things at the moment. I'm likely to go back to character modelling very soon here, but I'm considering putting in the programming for those I have done first. I'm honestly not sure what's going to be the best at this point. I have to seriously weigh my options and figure out what is going to be easiest for me to release first - trailers or the rough gameplay demo. I feel like a GP demo still needs a level of polish I haven't done yet. But we'll see.

Will post screenshots later!

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