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Progress on tactical combat demo and brief pre-alpha preview video

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First of all the team thanks all of you for your interest in Lord of Rigel. We didn't expect to be propelled to the Top 100 on IndieDB!

Over the past week we've been working on further polish and implementing some of the last critical features for the tactical combat demo. These include missiles and launching fighters. There are a number of special systems for ships we'll be implementing that enhance your ship designs.

We've posted a five minute video showing off the current state of the tactical demo. In it you see a procedurally generated cluster galaxy, the skirmish menu, the ship designer, and finally a standoff between the Humans and the Katraxi.

If you're interested in following how Lord of Rigel is shaping up, please follow us on twitter @LordofRigel. Throughout the week we have updates on art, music, and programming.

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