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Time fo' an update fools.

As I mentioned in my latest image update I'm having some overheating issues with my GPU which prevents me from making that video I said I would post. It's going to be a little while unless someone feels like Paypaling me $ for some Arctic Silver Céramique. Sorry about that, as soon as I can I shall post a video.
Update: Overheating issues solved after applying new TIM to the GPU. Now I can begin work on the video.

Here's where things now stand:

  • I'm hitting some walls by not having a scripter. An example of this is a magazine system. I really wanted one but the early one released for CoP will not suffice, and the Redux one obviously won't be released until Redux is out. So that leaves me with a SoC mod that did a really cool mag system, but when I ported it to CoP I ran into a ton of problems, and the scripts for it are a mess. Anyways, basically there are some features I want to implement but until I find a scripter who can do a little work there are some features I will not be able to do.
  • Likewise, I could use an animator, but like scripters I think every mod team is looking for an animator. I don't need much done, I just need usable animations for a Mac-10, and I need some animations for an MP412 Rex. Beyond that I think the current animations available to me will work. However, I *think* I know how to port animations from SoC to CoP so if anybody knows of any decent MP412 or Mac-10 animations/models for SoC let me know where I can download them and I'll try and port it.
  • Yet another thing I could use: someone who's willing to make some new UI icons. Basically I need new ammo icons, beyond that I don't think I really need anything else. PM me if interested.
  • I'm adding new weapons every day now. As you can see I just added a Barret REC7. I'm going to try and stop spoiling weapons though if they appear more than half-way through the game. If they come before that I'll post pics, otherwise no.
  • It looks like Dynamic Shaders 2.0 by Meltac for SoC is not too far away. He has already given permission to port his shaders when he releases it, and once he does I will definitely be using his shaders to imitate wet surfaces in DX9, reflections for various circumstances, and the rainbow (cause why not?). I highly recommend that once 2.0 is released that you utilize the DX9 renderer. There are obviously advantages to DX10/11 but it's more difficult to mod their shaders so most of the cool shader stuff will be DX9 only.
  • I recently updated the FAQ, but I should post this here: I am dead-set on using Bangalore's map pack when released for 2.0, however far off that may be. If you were looking forward to a release this Summer I'm sorry but it's not gonna happen. HOWEVER, if people are okay with vanilla maps and no real new quests, I'm willing to make a "v1.9" when I'm closer to done with content that would have many of the weapons and stuff from 2.0, but not any new maps or quests. It depends if people are interested in that or not. Let me know in the comments.
  • Originally I wanted some 10x25mm guns in the game (I really like the caliber IRL), however I've decided it makes more sense to go with .40S&W as it's more common, less expensive, and there are more weapons which use it. An example of what this will affect is I will be removing the Glock 20 and adding a Glock 35 in it's place.
  • I want people's opinion: would you be okay with a Kedr that is a little unrealistic in it's model or would you rather a different weapon that is realistic looking take it's place? I only recently noticed that the model I'm using is inaccurate and does not match what it looks like as well as it should. If that's not an issue though I will add it anyways.
  • Feature added: Aim/scope sway that is affected by crouching (thanks SetaKat for crouch-detection script), AND you can take a pill that will completely eliminate scope sway for 30 seconds, after which it will return. This is done differently than you are used to seeing, as the normal way of doing it does not allow it to be "turned off".
  • AI Tweaks has a module in it for letting you loot armor from corpses as well as letting NPC's do the same. I am considering adding this if I can balance it out. Let me know what you think.
  • After reading a few posts requesting this, most SMG's will be able to be held with detectors. I am also considering allowing the usage of assault rifles one-handed with detectors IF using an Exo.

That's it for now. Sorry it is more questions than content, but hopefully once I'm able to post a video people will be happy ;)


on the scope hard would it be to implement a hold breath command, like the one in far cry3??

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That seems more realistic. I liked it in Far Cry 3.
Have you played FC3? It's not bad, but definitely a long way off from STALKER. I was probably too critical with the game, expecting it to be more like STALKER, but that's how I judge games nowadays..."how much is it like or not like STALKER". They do have a tier advance in FC3 that lets you hold your breath longer. Maybe a pill could help with that in your mod, but with side effects, like lowered metabolism (less endurance until pill wears off).
Even so, I think the capability to hold your breath when sniping by holding down a key is a great touch. (of course make it a timed event, so you can't hold your breath indefinitely.)
Just my thoughts.
By the way, I played the old Swartz mod and loved it, great job!! I specially liked the added radiation effects. I know you were talking about minimizing that part of it, but I thought it added realism to your mod. Maybe you could add more hot spots (heavily irradiated areas) on the maps, like it is in real life.
Once again, just my thoughts.
Thanks for a great mod!

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Great stuff!!
* Sigerous mod has MAC-10. I can't remember how good the texture/animation is, but I'm pretty sure that the mod has a MAC-10. (unless it somehow crept into my SGM gamedata folder without my notice.)

* Personally I'm happy that you're not doing dx10/11, quite a few of us are still using WXP which doesn't support anything higher then dx9.

* I would love to see v1.9! I've never been a fan of custom maps for any of the STALKER games, they're usually in some way lacking. Not neccessarily the maps themselves, often they're added just to pad the list of features, in which case there's a ton of empty land, not even an anomaly in sight and absolutely no reason for it's existance. If you manage to fill the maps in with interesting stuff and quests that actually provide a reason for visiting said maps that would be awesome.

* Re the Kedr: I think if you found a kool looking gun that fills a niche but isn't 100% realistic that's ok. I mean if it's a really horrible model or something then that won't work, but if it's something minor then I'd say it's ok. For example I never saw the big deal with the weapons being mirrored in these games... but I've not handled weapons enough to imprint, the fact that the slide is on the wrong side doesn't break immersion for me. And that's what it comes down to essentially, if it's something that's immersion breaking for a large number of people then it should be looked at or eliminated, otherwise let it be.

* And finally, I think that being able to use assault weapons single-handed while in an exo is a really great idea! It would be really awesome if it were possible to dual wield them with an exo, obv only until the clip runs out then you'd have to drop one of the weapons (or put in back into backpack or something.) That may be a little too Rambo though, although some mods do add miniguns and such, and if somebody doesn't like they could just choose not to do this. But it may be a sore topic with some I guess...

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