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Last Survivor is third person, online, skill-based, arena game that is a unique mash up of "Battle Royale" game mods, "Hunger Games" movie and "Dark Souls" game series. It`s newest game experience that never been before presented in stand alone game!

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Name: Last Survivor
Genre: 3rd person online action/battle royale
Game engine: Unity 5
Network: PUN (Photon Unity Network)

For someone who does not know what “battle royale” genre means: – this is H1Z1 and Arma 2/3 like game mod and in some other games but melee-oriented.
The game rules are according to those like in "genre" battle royale, where players survive in the arena, which is shrinking over time. The character starts the game with no weapons or any kind of stuff, all produced in the course of the game.

Launch date

Early Access beta release in Q1 2016 and 1.0 release in Q3 2016.

Technically completed a lot - all is ready at 80%, at least for the early access release at Steam, which is planned in the next 4 months. To the release date will be signed contract (what we find on devgamm) with one of the publishing houses to provide funding for marketing and consulting services for the project for certain royalties and distribution model of the project will be a classic (bought game).

Visual part of the game is a temporary stopper and in no way does not meet the quality standards specified by us. And to achieve these exacting standards - we need you!

Who we need:
• Concept artists for environment, characters and weapons
• 3D environment artists
• 3D weapon artists
• 3D sculpting artists
• FX\Sound artists
• Photogrammetry artists
• Lighting Unity 5 artist
• GUI and HUD interface artists / designers
• 3D animators for editing some recorded mo-cap animations
• Other non-programming roles
• Particles creator for Unity 5
• Inverse Kinematic expert for Unity 5
• Post processing expert for Unity 5
• Shader expert for Unity 5

The project developed the efforts of two mans except for the last 2 (of 9) months when have joined us 3 artists. Because of the lack of investment at this stage is involved in the project will not be paid, at least until the early access Steam and first profit (now all works for portfolio - free). We have not much time to the EA release, so people without portfolio will be denied. All who are interested in participating in the development and promotion of this ambitious project please write to this address: On the forums, we will not respond because we didn`t so lot time(it was published on tens of dev forums). In a letter to specify a link to a portfolio or send examples directly to email.
P.s. Please write request`s solely on the fact of my appeal to you on the recruiting. At the moment, all the criticism and suggestions are expressed solely by our developers and testers from the outside. All messages coming to email on these topics and everything that does not apply to business proposals, marketing services and direct desire to contribute to the project will be ignored.

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