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It's no longer up to me. Geolaria was just sent to Apple and Desura. Keep your fingers crossed!

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It's no longer up to me. Geolaria was just sent to Apple and Desura.

Typical review time at Apple is one week. Once I got the confirmation that the Mac App Store will take Geolaria in, I announce the release date. Until then, fingers crossed is a must!

It has previously been quite some time to send Apple my Geolaria package. At the last second, I also realized I've used a sound engine called irrKlang so far, which costs money in commercial products. I removed it and now use a free one.

The disadvantage is that the sound is somehow rendered falsified. For this reason, I then took out all the sound effects again. I found them annoying anyway. The music is still of course integrated (even if it takes longer now to start Geolaria because the sound engine must load the music now completly, before it can go on. The old engine streamed the sound.).

Desura's staff will just test if the game works, I expect it to be successfully reviewed tomorrow or the day after. However, I would like to publish everything together, so I'll release it on Desura when it's through the Mac App Store.

Otherwise, I must say that the upload has worked extraordinarily well. Both Apple and Desura have good tools to prepare everything, with Desura it still was a lot easier.

Show me your support by tracking this game! Thanks!

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