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Taking a look at what artwork is not as imagery. But what it inspires to create. ~ Last of Humanity Development Team

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Last of Humanity is a Concept that prolly everyone has thought of over the last Few years since L4d2`s Release, and of course many have attempted to do just that. Create wonderful, outstanding, exceptional games which inspire the fear, and horror we have all grown to love <3

Concept art for me isnt a new thing, it differs per Idea of a Project, the idea of Concept artwork for a Application, normally starts off on a bar napkin, and ends up being concept in MS-paint lulz. For a game it takes alot more, not just Creatures, but variations of things. Games take more then just a few handwritten drawings, and a random assortment of "It should do this" it takes alot more.

During my time as a Developer, ive had some weird requests to some almost impossible requests for programming, most with the vaguest requests. With no explaination just "Do it." or in the famous response "Do it, fast." So when I started working out the idea of "Last of Humanity" which by the way never got a name nailed to it until recently. It was around 5+ years ago when a Really started writing Ideas and concepts on the Game. Working out what it should have, and what it should`nt have. It was a challenge not to make but to work out. What is a Good mechanic? What isnt? What can make a System? What will break it? Questions with things I had no idea, so the game went without a image for over 5 years. Until recently when I met up with a few developers, who had the artistic talent that inspired the view of the game to flourish.

Concept Artwork was never my thing, my drawings are still in the stick figure stage. Never had the Ability to truly pull what the image of the game was. It is nice to be able to chat with like minded people to work out such wonderfully gory and horrific concept artwork. Its been nice, seeing what people can do. How well they can do it, and how well can it turn out in the end result.

This post was just a random rant on the concept artwork.. <.< The Public Relations Supervisor is coming, I gotta run.. He may hit me for another random post XD *Poof*

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