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A retro cyberpunk rpg like they use to make back in the 16bit days.

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We are a indie game development team with a dream,a retro cyberpunk RPG like they use to make back in the 16bit days. Ther will be 2 game versions , one for Steam Greenlight and one for facebook. Released date somwere at the end of 2015.

The game thematic is cyberpunk and we will try to give player maxium freedome in this dark enviroment, player will be able to raid corporation buildings, hack matrix systems, lockpick doors, TBS combat . full customize his merc team(weapons,implants,skills),explore and re-explore locations and 2 quest types: main quest and a random side quest generators. Game is heavy inspired from retro rpg and we hope that it will be good recived by the old schoolers and cyberpunkers.

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