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Work is not going as fast as I wanted, as the new Dwarf Fortress release is slowing me down, as well as real life needs and trips. New Rebel Icons, integrating Faulty's rebel icons and some of Thoughtful Punk Flags, there are a lot of fixes and the changelog is big. This will be last updated before the new version, where the big changes will be rolled in.

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  1. Changelog:
  2. Hotfix E:
  3. -Fixed French and Paris pops back to historical levels (they were too high, overall pop were almost at the 1856 census level).
  4. -Gave Algeria its cores on the rest of Algeria.
  5. -Fixed pops in Tangiers and West Sahara
  6. -Changed a couple of regions and province names. Gave the Cherson province to the Zaporizhia region so the Crimea region has only the Crimean peninsula in it. Province 972 Ekaterinoslav changed to Yekaterinoslav, Province 969 from Pervomaisk to Olviopol, Province 1178 from Sana to Sana'a, province 1773 from Aaiun to Saguia el-Hamra and province 689 from Tesin to Teschen.
  7. -Events for the French conquest of Algeria and the Hispano-Moroccan War (1859–60).
  8. -Stopped election event spam from the NNM events, still need to make some adjustments for the vanilla ones.
  9. -Start of the Crisis balancing, now increase tension NF is unlocked in 1870. I tried to make it tied to the research of Revolution and Counterrevolution, but the game didn't deal with that very well and that wasn't possible. One event will also clean province tensions in non colonial provinces in the old world until 1870. Also wanted to make this tied to tech. Maybe make another event to clean balkan tension until 1900.
  10. -Fixed French borders in Algeria according to
  11. -Lots of tweaks, unique images and bug fixes of the mod, in vanilla and in NNM (including the Peru-Bolivia bug).
  12. -Removed TAGs: PML - Pomerelia. Canditates for removal: BKV - Bukovina. RUT - Ruthenia.
  13. -Integrated Faulty's rebel icons. Fixed one of the frames and removed another one. Integrated a lot more, totaling 17 rebel icons, almost one icon for every rebel and 11 more than vanilla's 6.
  14. -Integrated flags from the Alternative Flag Pack mod by anonymous. Fixed his democratic flags from TAG_democracy to TAG_republic. Finished integrating parts of the mod "Flag Tweak Mod Pack Conversion... Thing". A lot of flags like the Israel ones, the french, swedish and norway fascist flags, El Salvador, Nicaragua, England and others were made by me and some by other anons. Most changes were made for south american fascist flags, most now have falangist symbols.
  15. -Integrated the Italo-Turkish war for Lybia event chain by Anon. Made some images, made the localization and bugfixed it.
  16. -Made decisions for Italy to claim the Adriatic and one for fascist Italy to claim Corfu, Malta, Savoy, and Corsica.
  17. -Made the Japanese decision to claim Korea even with a foreign power holding it harder to do.
  18. -Fixed old NNM flags that didn't have a tag: LNA, BEL, NPL, SCY, UAL, UAR, UFL, UGA, UIA, UIN, UKY, ULA, UMI, UMN, UMO, UMS, UNC, UNJ, UNY, UOH, UPA, USC, UTN, UVA, UWI, UWV.
  19. -Fixed the starting flags to match the starting governments, fixed a few flags from NNM.
  20. Hotfix D:
  21. -Defines.lua restored to vanilla
  22. -Adjusted Unciv malus to research
  23. -Fixed missing italian cores on South Tirol
  24. -Made NNM Germany and NGF formation decisions a little more vanilla
  25. -Fixed Angoche being colonial.
  26. -Fixed wrong Austrian core in the middle of transylvania
  27. -Fixed some wrong argentina triggers that were causing weird behavior in two events
  28. -Add a quick solution for the weird as fuck bug with Bolivia always puppeting Peru (still pinpointing that, but it seems to be a reload bug)
  29. -Fixed some NNM events and a bunch of weird behavior in NNM events
  30. -Fixed a wrong Omani core
  31. -Fixed the Omani OOB, added a historical general
  32. -Changed the Oriental Crisis - Egypt goes back to being a puppet if they lose the war. Ottomans inherit Hedjaz.
  33. -Made a quick event to give the ottomans a conquest CB on North Yemen if they own Mecca and have nationalism and imperialism researched
  34. -Reverted the unnoficial changes to RGOs in Africa back to what I did. The total number of RGOs is the same a vanilla per category, I just -changed fruit producing regions that are deserts to cattle/wool and exchanged some south african fruit/grain provinces with the coal producing provinces of Nigeria. This makes South Africa one of the biggest Coal producing regions in the world and make it more historical accurate. The coal was placed in the eastern side of South Africa according to maps of mines in South Africa.
  35. Hotfix C:
  36. A bunch of fixes made by an anon. Fixed supply and have some terrain changes and some OOB and core fixes. Expect further tweaks down the line and also deleted your defines.lua in the mod folder to guarantee everything is vanilla, as I need to review that file.
  37. Kudos for that anon.
  38. This does not contain any reform fixes or anything like that, and again, it was mostly done by an anon in the thread.
  39. Anon's Changelog
  40. - Fixed extra election event spam:
  41. * Use vanilla's extra election events for major political issues
  42. - Fixed Caucasian Wars
  43. * Split Caucasian war into two separate wars
  44. * Fix Circassia and Dagestan OOBs
  45. * Remove Circassian units from Russian OOB
  46. - Fixed war files
  47. * Add end to Taiping rebellion
  48. * Fix casus belli for Massina Jihad and Cochinchina campaign
  49. - Reorganized terrain file
  50. - Reworked populations
  51. * Revert craftsmen POPs to vanilla levels
  52. * Revert Russian clergy POPs to vanilla levels
  53. * Clean up most files for better comparison with vanilla files
  54. - Increased supply limit modifier for core province
  55. * Supply limit for core provinces is now +3. This is a workaround until the revised terrain system is rolled out
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