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Today is Saturday - the last weekend before submitting Space Bot Alpha into the App Store review pipeline - and in one day I got social sharing, which is the final domino in the line of features, knocked over. Feeling pretty happy with that!

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Next week is down on the project plan as the line-in-the-sand; the time for Space Bot Alpha to be submitted to the App Store. I was a bit worried that sharing would be tricky to implement but it came together in a single 10 hour period of building screens and coding flat out. Cocos2D's CCRenderTexture gave me the ability to take in-game screenshots (like this one) and save to the Documents store; from there I created a couple of new screens to allow players to choose from gameplay screenshot, a fall-back still (the logo above) and a shot of the score screen with the level score. I've still got to do Game Center integration, but all the GUI is done for that. Then, remaining days are bug-fixing and polishing. Then I get to do it (sharing, store and, GGS) all over again for Android.

Social sharing implemented

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