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The Last Days Of the Reich Legacy PlanePack v1.0 is released! As usual, you can find it in the Downloads section here at ModDB.

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The planes/weapons:

BV 155V-1
Fl 282 'Kolibri'
Fl 282 (floats fitted)
Fl 282B
Fw 'Super Lorin'
Hs P87 'Schnellbomber'
Ju EF126V-2 'Elli'
Ju EF128
Me 264V-3
Feuerlilie SAM Site
Wasserfall SAM Site

J8M1 'Shusui'

Great Britain
Seafang F 31
Vampire F I

United States
P-80B Shooting Star

In addition, the plane names and GUI images for the original LDOR planes have been brought up to 2010 standard.

Many thanks, as always, to our resident plane builder/tweaker/fixer, ArgonV. Without his efforts, this would not have been possible. Also thanks to our able tester/promoter Skid. I can get pretty burnt out putting these things together and having him to back me up is invaluable. Finally, thanks to all the original builders, wherever you are!

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