Hello!, i make this because i will launch: "Spawner Rescued Version"... Read the content for more information of this version.

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I Will upload the "Rescued Version of Spawner v1.1"...
For start, all work very good in
Spawner v1.1 but the problem is the client.dll, this f**** file is the responsible this did that Spawner v1.1 work very bad.

But i find a lost client.dll of the mod, this file have the old code of Spawner v1.1, now, all work good...
But the lost effects are:

- background images
- op4, hl,spw and utilities menu
- effects of shadows
- Fog FX
- and other codes...

But thanks to god that i no lost the spawner.dll file... this file have
great specials effects of Spawner v1.1... ok, this is the Spawner Rescued Version and have very good FX and bads bugs.
However... I will remake all client.dll code, i will find the f**** code that did Spawner v1.1 worked very very bad.

Then, download this version And Enjoy! :D
I repeat
this isn't Spawner v1.1, ALSO isn't other version.
this is a Rescued Version, i did with a old client.dll (no of spawner v1.0... of v1.1)

Also i reccommend that you can kill gman, tentacle and nihilanth... they have a new death!, and active the Menu with "+commandmenu" in the console, or add this in the console:
bind j +commandmenu

but i give you a Advertence... if you restart the map, will appear a window error, also with some littles fx :)

Good Enjoy, Edoc_32

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