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New fantasy RPG inspired by games like Quest for Glory and Eye of the Beholder.

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'You gradually wake, shaking off the shreds of dreams that cling to your memory''.

This is one of the sentences, spoken by the actor John Rhys-Davis which I still remember today with crystal clarity. John Rhys-Davis did the narration for the game ''Quest for Glory 4 : Shadows of Darkness'', and this game, and especially his narration, had a huge impact on me.

I wanted to create games too, after that! And many years later, here's the result. My first game, inspired by the Quest for Glory series, but also by the Eye of the Beholder games, and many other.

But let's get to the game. The game, Latern of Worlds, is an RPG game based on Arabian mythology and the tales of 1001 Nights. The most important aspect of the game is storytelling and narration, combined with a simple combat system.

At the beginning of the game, you enter the Great Tournament, where you must do battle to become the new Royal Adventurer of Idunia. After this is accomplished, your real adventure begins.

In the second part of the game, you have just completed a diplomatic mission at the courts of Sultan Mehmet the Magnificent.
On your way back to Idunia, however, dark forces plot your undoing. You are left in the middle of the ocean, in a small lifeboat, with nothing but your wits and your determination to survive.

Luckily, you spot an island in the distance...a desert island, where many adventures await you!

The new demo can be downloaded here:

The game is still in development, and any and all criticisms are very much appreciated!

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