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-Age of Blades will be available in different languages. -Taunt-Voting is over. See what 10 taunts got most votes.

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I'd like to tell you two things!
First I announce that once the mod is released, it will be available in English, German, French, Chinese and Turkish. Thanks a lot to the voluntary translators!
Secondly the taunt-voting is over. Don't be sad if your favorite didn't make it into the "top 10/11".
100 people voted and this is your ranking:

60 (7.7%) "Wololoo"
45 (5.8%) "Nice town, I'll take it"
40 (5.1%) "You play 2 hours to die like this"
39 (5.0%) "Long time no siege"
38 (4.9%) "Yes"
37 (4.7%) "All hail, king of the loosers"
36 (4.6%) "My granny can scrap better than that"
35 (4.5%) "Monk, I need a monk"
34 (4.3%) "Don't point that thing at me"
33 (4.2%) "It is good to be the king"

32 (4.1%) "Sir, blame it on your isp"
31 (4.0%) "Raiding Party"
31 (4.0%) "No"
30 (3.8%) "Food, please" "Wood, please" "Stone, please" "Gold, please"
29 (3.7%) "Enemy sighted"
25 (3.2%) "Rogan?" *
25 (3.2%) "Quit touchin' me"
24 (3.1%) "Yeah, you should see the other guy"
23 (2.9%) "The wonder, the wonder, the... nooo"
23 (2.9%) "Now beat you back to Age of Empires"
21 (2.7%) "Yes, smite me"
19 (2.4%) "Ahhh" "Ohhh"
19 (2.4%) *Herb laugh*
19 (2.4%) "Ah, being rushed"
16 (2.0%) "Start the game already"
10 (1.3%) "Dadgum"
5 (0.6%) "Attack an enemy now" **
3 (0.4%) "Wait for my signal to attack" **

* Because of personal preferences an 11th key will be added, so I can taunt "Rogan?" :D
** I added them later, as you might know. But when they joined the race the other options
had an average voting of 20 votes. Even with 23 and 25 votes they wouldn't have made it onto the winner's podium...

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