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Its about the landwalker gang and zones . Be sure to read this because the zones are dangerous for you and you shouldnt go in a red zone

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The Land Walkers, arnt really in a specific place.Unlike The Traingle the landwalkers could be anyone.They walk around in normal clothes and just hang out.To reconize them you should have to Look at their armseach Landwalker has a LD tatoo on their arms. The ones that dont have it are called the Loners. The one that have a scratch that says LD are the Desytroyers.

The Landwalkers have control over almost all zones in the area.Global Defence try's to take these zones over and close them for ever, but The Landwalkers wont let them.
The Land Walkers called their zones way different that GD.

Green Zone = Zelena zona
Yellow Zone = Keltainen alue
Red Zone = rød sone
The zones have specific anomalies and humans

++Green Zone (Zelena zona)++

-Normal,or lightly sick humans.
-No,or small chaos.
-Large or very large amount of humans.
-No,or little amount of anomalies.
-No infected.
++Yellow Zone (Keltainen alue)++

-Sick humans,or medium sick.
-No small or very small amount of humans
-Medium amount of anomalies
-Light infected
++The Red zone (rød sone)++

-Sick or dead humans.
-Heavy Chaos
-No humans.
-Large Amount of Anomalies.
-Medium , heavy infected.
A new zone has popped up in the woods of SF.It seems in GD does noting about it fast enough whole SA will be like this new zone
Black Zone

<!--SC-->-Extreme Infected
-Insteant dead
-Radiation MAXIMUM.
-Anomalies everywhere
-Strange infected

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