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We present you how send a big formation of drones between the enemy lines and how use a container as a ram to destroy a powerful drone and land your drones.

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In Kwarn Armada tactics, there are 2 types of drones: the offensive drones and the containers. The offensive drones can support themselves mutually and so increase their power. The drone "container" has for main purpose to embark drones of fight to land them later.

#efefef none repeat scroll 0% 0%;">A container cannot embark another container.

The container lands drones in 2 cases:
- when it is destroyed by a collision or a shooting
- when it comes in the enemy zone of deployment

The container is practical to send a big formation of drone between the enemy lines. It is also very interesting when it is used as a ram to destroy a powerful drone.

Finally, by hiding a formation in a container, you prevent the opponent from knowing your game. You can thus take him by surprise.

To use the container, begin by placing drones on the ground but without validating their position.

container 2

Then take a container and arrange it to include the drones which you wish to embark.

container 3

container 4

Here we are, you can send your container to the fight.

Last trick, if you wish to embark validated drones, you just have to select them then to place the container to include them. You can so keep a defensive position and send your container to the fight.

Here is the video which shows you the use of the container in game.

See you soon with our first demo !

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