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new land units added to mod and a new faction for skirmish

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i have added new land units to the mod to make it more complete instead of just space. also i have added a new faction for skirmish and am currently working on adding this faction to GC (final name not decided yet.) i will try to have screen shots up by sometime this afternoon for the land units and decription of this new faction.

thank you all for your support and your insight to help making this mod better

[this is an edited update, unfortunately i wont be able to put up new screen shots...even though this news is over a week old the best i can do is this week end because i got a more powerful computer that has windows 7 and i haven't gotten all the files transferred from my old comp to my new one, plus im still learning how to use windows 7 and the comp still isn't connected to the internet yet so no Hi Def pics for now but having this new comp makes the game play better and the graphics incredible so for anyone who may be looking for a new comp soon i would recommend the new HP with Intel Core 2 quad possessor. ]

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