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Single player TDM mod nearly completed once again. A lot of improvements made.

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Hello everyone.

I wanted to let you guys know that BETA for the ELITE edition is ready for download here (see instructions in thread linked below), and the final is approaching. I first thought about making a news post here once it would be final but yeah, the more feedback the merrier. I've also added new screens on moddb which you can see by clicking the 'images' tab. I will be preparing another gameplay video once the mod is final.

For the changelist since Lance Gold:

-Included new special abilities. There's 3 of them. Avenger, Pulse and Seeker.
-Added new challenge "Calculator" which is a powerup-based gametype.
-Added new UI's.
-Action starts much faster. (Spawn-protection not showing up on first spawn anymore)
-Added new Helmets from GoW2.
-Greatly improved Dizzy's look.
-Reduced AI Boomshot accuracy (Thank god huh?).
-The game now starts with an introduction sound.
-Added custom round start intro's from GoW2.
-Many weapon tweaks again.
-Removed pistols from starting inventory only.

Hope you like the new stuff!
And if you have a Epic Games Forum account, please do let me know what you think in the official thread. Thanks.

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