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Announcing the results of our debut mapping competition, info_comp_start!

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With both ModDB and LambdaGeneration in partnership, the first in a set set of competitions was started in early March. After a month of mapping, judging, and scoring, the results of LambdaBuilds' debut competition, info_comp_start, are now available!

Entrants had four weeks to design a map that covered the four pillars of Half-Life - Run, Think, Shoot, Live. Points were awarded based on the visual fidelity, gameplay mechanics, and adherence to the theming.

We had a total of thirteen eligible entries which were great fun to score and review! The winners are as follows:

1st Place: Unrest Procedure, by shoes1085

info_comp_start - Unrest Procedure

Engaged in City 17 during the Uprising, it's down to you to break out of the Combine's containment system through four distinct quadrants of gameplay whilst adapting to many changes to the usual gameplay experience, big and small.

2nd Place: Resevoir, by JS2103

info_comp_start - Reservoir

A short combat-focused level designed for the LambdaBuilds info_comp_start competition. Think fast and shoot faster! The level is themed after the latter half of Route Canal and takes place in a Combine controlled water purification plant after a group of Rebels attempted to sabotage the facility. Should take somewhere between 8 and 12 minutes to complete on normal difficulty.

3rd Place: Lambda Marine, by SellFace

info_comp_start - Lambda Marine

A Hotline Miami-inspired map, combining mechanics from the ultra-violence arcade game with the well-known Half-Life gameplay to increase the importance of running, thinking, shooting and living.

Congratulations to the winners! LambdaGeneration will be in touch to distribute your prizes and all winners will receive a role personalised to their placement on both the Discord and Website!

The remaining ten entrants are as follows:

4th Place: Isso afeta o grêmio, by betoneira600L

info_comp_start - Isso Afeta O Grêmio

A tribute to half-life's core gameplay elements. Fight through a rural warehouse district and engage in difficult combat against waves of Combine forces.

5th Place: Abandoned Power Plant, by Gluipertje

info_comp_start - Abandoned Power Plant

Whilst driving through a mountainous area, you find yourself stuck between two closed tunnels in front of some sort of entrance to a strange facility. What could be hiding inside, and will you be able to continue your journey?

Joint 6th Place: Rebel Lab, by SwagGCP; and Showtime, by arbabf

info_comp_start - Rebel Lab

Gordon Freeman must escape a resistance research facility that has been overrun by Combine forces. Strange and experimental technology is the key to your success!

info_comp_start - Showtime

A series of artificial rooms adapted from an old base provide many challenges, both physical and mental, for you to overcome, whilst you are entertaining an audience who decides whether you live or die.

7th Place: Facility, by Agent Braise

info_comp_start - Facility

Candidate 23 has to Run, Think, Shoot, and Live their way out of an unnamed facility

8th Place: What Kind Of Hospital Is This?, by Lambda

info_comp_start - What Kind Of Hospital Is This?

Find your way out of a zombie infested hospital, deep in the quarantine zone of a Combine city.

9th Place: The Arena, by Sasanek

info_comp_start - The Arena

Map based on fast-paced combat, requiring a little thinking (in order to not die),
running, gunning and surviving.

10th Place: ep1_lmd, by ManFr0Marz

info_comp_start - EP1 LMD

You are in EP1, trying to get to a Train Station to escape City 17 before the Citadel explodes

11th Place: Fist, by Sebastian Johansson

info_comp_start - Fist

Use your enemy's skills to your advantage

12th Place: The Test, by The One Epicplayer

info_comp_start - The Test

Get through the test satirising the four pillars of Half-Life and win it!

Thanks to all who entered and we hope you enjoy playing the competition as much as we enjoyed creating it! Stay tuned on this page for more competitions in the future!


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