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Announcing the results of our third mapping competition, Escape From Black Mesa!

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With both ModDB and LambdaGeneration in partnership with Crowbar Collective, the third in a set of competitions was started in late September. After a month of mapping, judging, and scoring, the results of LambdaBuilds' third competition, Escape From Black Mesa, are now available!

The archive below contains the raw files and BSPs of the entries in the competition as a historical record of the maps at the time of submission, but you can also download them from the workshop here:

Keep in mind the workshop entries may be updated over time and may no longer reflect the actual entry to the competition at the time.

Entrants had four weeks to design an eerie "escape" map where tension was key as well as the setting of Black Mesa and Half-Life's designs. Points were awarded based on the visual fidelity, gameplay mechanics, and adherence to the theming.

We had a total of thirty eligible entries which were were eerie, spooky, and tense to varying degrees! The winners are as follows:

1st Place: Biotech, by BeefBacon

Escape From Black Mesa - Biotech

Soldiers above, horrors below. Escape the lower levels of the Advanced Biological Research Lab.

2nd Place: The Xenian, by SNW

Escape From Black Mesa - The Xenian

After awaking hours after the Resonance Cascade, you a scientist, in an unknown sector of the Questionable Ethics research center need to find your way out of the lock down. Will you be clever enough to escape the facility or succumb to the mystery that awaits you?

3rd Place: Little Red Star, by Midlou

Escape From Black Mesa - Little Red Star

Little Red Star, as it was called, a blood dyeded portal. A mysterious figure (the player) makes his way through the complex. Armed with a HEV, he knew that the unknown awaited him on the other side.

Two entries were also selected as Honourable Mentions:

4th Place: Imposter, by Dolmo

Escape From Black Mesa - Imposter

Imposter is a gameplay focused level with puzzles, combat and exploration that is set in the empty and lonely laboratories, offices and lobbies of Black Mesa. Along the way, the player might encounter some strange happenings that might elicit the feeling of unease.

5th Place: Shadows, by OnTheMatter

Escape From Black Mesa - Shadows

A strange new threat stalks Gordon deep within the Black Mesa facility, an ethereal
Xenian creature with the ability to control light and dark. Make your way through the wet
and murky underground of the facility and get out of there!

Congratulations to the winners! Crowbar Collective will be in touch to distribute your prizes and all winners will receive a role personalised to their placement on both the Discord and Website!

The remaining twenty-five entrants are as follows:

Joint 6th Place: Abyss, by Oni32

Escape From Black Mesa - Abyss

Joint 6th Place: Biodome, by Wubsy

Escape From Black Mesa - Biodome

Joint 6th Place: Survivor, by ICEBIRD112

Escape From Black Mesa - Survivor

7th Place: Lockdown, by Skkubah

Escape From Black Mesa - Lockdown

8th Place: Limbo, by sixdust

Escape From Black Mesa - Limbo

9th Place: Fluid Logistics, by Ildarion

Escape From Black Mesa - Fluid Logistics

Joint 10th Place: The Chamber, by Gameboy555/Eric Stark

Escape From Black Mesa - The Chamber

Joint 10th Place: Health Research and Manufacturing, by Michael_Z.

Escape From Black Mesa - Health Research & Manufacturing

11th Place: Lambda: Dark Secret, by Cursed Gman (Dany)

Escape From Black Mesa - Lambda: Dark Secrets

12th Place: Grand Terminal, by topsecret396

Escape From Black Mesa - Grand Terminal

13th Place: An Escape In The Darkness, by Red

Escape From Black Mesa - An Escape In The Darkness

14th Place: Fluorescent, by Marvius

Escape From Black Mesa - Fluorescent

15th Place: Informal Induction, by Pakdoc

Escape From Black Mesa - Informal Induction

16th Place: Detritus, by Tyler

Escape From Black Mesa - Detritus

17th Place: Lost Hope, by Koz

Escape From Black Mesa - Lost Hope

Joint 18th Place: Lights Out, by CodeGamGD

Escape From Black Mesa - Lights Out

Joint 18th Place: X-Labs, by Akos223

Escape From Black Mesa - X-Labs

Joint 18th Place: Escape Newman, by Big Savage G

Escape From Black Mesa - Escape Newman

19th Place: Black Horror, by DansKart

Escape From Black Mesa - Black Horror

20th Place: Black Mesa Communications, by Emil Baron

Escape From Black Mesa - Black Mesa Communications

21st Place: Sector E, by Vertex

Escape From Black Mesa - Sector E

22nd Place: Parabolic Boxhole, by Vitali

Escape From Black Mesa - Parabolic Boxhole

23rd Place: Tevatron Station, by Guardian Angel

Escape From Black Mesa - Tevatron Station

Joint 24th Place: Cargo, by HankRedemption

Escape From Black Mesa - Cargo

Joint 24th Place: Frightened Guard, by StormFifty333

Escape From Black Mesa - Frightened Guard

Thanks to all who entered and we hope you enjoy playing the competition as much as we enjoyed creating it! Stay tuned on this page for more competitions in the future!

Taras_F97 - - 54 comments

Holy f*ck, so much awesome singleplayer maps in such short period of time, can't even keep up to try them all lol.

Anyway, i'm very glad to see that BM community doing all the work by expanding and developing unknown parts of the Half-Life universe (i mean exactly pre-HL2 events), i can tell for sure that we live in a golden age of modding.

Now gotta wait for O:BM and GD release, it's gonna be even more insane!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
AlfredJR2K - - 53 comments

Me too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Yanka - - 260 comments

That's a lot of maps!! And various seem pretty cool, I think I'll try some!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 699,202 comments

How to install this Map Pack? Should i put it in BMS folder and run the maps from the console or?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 836 comments

You can either load the maps individual via the console, or download the workshop collection on Steam

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,202 comments

what if we don't want to use the steam workshop? how do we install this map pack then?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 836 comments

As I noted above, you can load the maps individual via the console using the archive file provided on this page.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,202 comments

but where do i put the archive contents? there are no instructions on the download page, and there is no readme in the archive itself

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 836 comments

Drag and drop the files into your Black Mesa/bms directory.

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