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You can now play Laerai: Zones! without a beta access key at All you need is shockwave player for your web browser and you'll be able to create an account and play.

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Check out to try the game I designed. Took me about 3-4 years to really flesh out, and work on it here and there.
The game is a multiplayer online RPG with gameboy color-like graphics. Infinite levels, upgradeable equipment, and over 20 playable game areas. You need shockwave player for your browser in order to play.

To move, press the arrow keys.
To equip a weapon, double click it from your pack, or single click it to check it's stats.
To attack with your weapon, press C to target a monster (has other uses as well) and stand adjacent to your target, then hold the A key.

To dig, hold the D key, and press an arrow key.

To fish, hold the F key, and press an arrow key.

To use magic, select a spell from your custom spell book, target a monster, then press the S key.

The game was in a very small, closed state, which required a passcode to play, but now I'm just letting anyone try it out for a period of time. Please enjoy, and thank you for playing!

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